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Dover Township is located in York County, Pennsylvania. As of a 2000 census, Dover Township served as a home for an estimated 18,000 residents. Today, Dover Township covers a total of 42.1 square miles, nearly all of which is land.

The township of Dover was one of the first counties to be established in Pennsylvania. This was done under a charter granted to William Penn by Charles II, the King of England. Dover's fertile lands were not occupied by immigrants until the conclusion of the 1736 Indian Treaty when the boundaries of Lancaster County were extended westward.

In 1743, the Lancaster County Court formed Dover Township out of the old Manchester Township which was so large that it had extended into Adams County at the time. How the area received its name as Dover Township is unknown, but the name is said to relate to Dover in England.

Early in the eighteenth century, Indians resided in these lands. The tribe was known as the Conewago Indians. The Conewago Indians lived along the Conewago Creek, Little Conewago Creek, and Fox Run., all in present day Diver Township. By 1783, immigrants made Dover Township home to nearly 200 horses, 150 barns, 1300 residents, 4 slaves, and 7 mills. By that time Dover Township covered 23,000 acres of land.

Primarily a very fertile area, even today the area of Dover Township is home to many farms and is considered by many as a "bedroom" community to York .The area is home to many commuters to York, Lancaster, Harrisburg, and Baltimore.

Within Dover Township is the borough of Dover. As of a 2000 census, the borough of Dover served as a home for an estimated 2,000 residents. The borough of Dover was originally settled in 1764 when James Joner purchased 203 acres for the town of Jonerstown, which became Dover in 1815, and officially was incorporated in 1864, exactly 100 years after its founding. The area of Dover is a total of 0.5 square miles all of which is land.

Many recall Dover’s notoriety during the court case of Kitzmiller vs. Dover Area School District on the teachings of Darwin's Theory in the school district.

As the area of York County, PA continues to increase in population and job opportunities, the homes, communities and developments in this area continue to grow; making it a great place to consider in your search for relocation.

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