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East Manchester is a township in York County, Pennsylvania. According tothe 2000 census, the area of East Manchester Township was home to an estimated 5,000 residents. Today the area is made up of 17.2 square miles, 0.6 square miles of which is water.

Originally the area of East Manchester was known as Manchester Township. Manchester Township was formed in 1748, under the Lancaster County court's authority: much like the area of Dover Township. The initial settlers were English Quakers led by William Penn; however, German immigrants quickly arrived and began farming the fertile land.

By 1799, Manchester Township was separated, upon a petition from residents, into Manchester and West Manchester Townships. It was not until the year of 1885 that residents of Manchester petitioned to divide the area again, forming East Manchester, which was established in January of 1887.

Many know the area of East Manchester as the home of Eib's Landing, built by Peter Eib, a landing place for lumber for more than half a century. In present day, unfortunately, no signs of Eib's Landing exist. East Manchester Township includes the boroughs of Manchester and Mount Wolf.

According to the 2000 census, the borough of Manchester was home to nearly 2,400 residents. It was originally settled in 1814 on land obtained by John Nickey, an heir of William Penn, in 1740.John Nickey sold the land to William Resser. The area became known as the Village of Liverpool. This borough will always remember the Gettysburg Campaign of the American Civil War when Liverpool's merchants were raided by the 17th Virginia Cavalry.

Today, the borough of Manchester is a small town with a typical streetscape of 150 years ago, only today there is increased traffic and development. The borough of Manchester is the home of Northeastern School District.

Another borough within the East Manchester Township is Mount Wolf. In the 2000 census, Mount Wolf was ahome to nearly 2,000 residents. The borough of Mount Wolf was settled in 1867 and officially incorporated in 1910. Mount Wolf offers a relaxed atmosphere for those looking for a home.

As the area of York County, PA continues to increase in population and job opportunities, the homes, communities and developments in this area continue to grow; making it a great place to consider in your search for relocation.

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