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Fairview Township is located in York County, Pennsylvania. According to the 2000 census, the area of Fairview Township served as a home to an estimated 14,000 residents and was made up of 35.7 square miles.

Originally the area was settled by the English and English Quakers from Chester County, as early as 1730. Much of the land at that time was part of Penns-borough Township located in Lancaster County. In 1749, when York County separated from Lancaster, there was no official boundary between the counties in the North. Eventually, a special act was passed that made the Yellow Breeches Creek the official boundary between the two counties. When this act was passed, the lands that were once part of Penns-borough Township became part of Newberry Township. In 1803, the York County Court approved petitions made by Newberry Township residents to create the Township of Fairview.

In the beginning, Fairview Township was home to an area known as "New Market," owned by the founding father of Harrisburg, John Harris. It was a key trading point leading to the success of the area known as of Fairview Township. "New Market" was located at the mouth of the Yellow Breeches Creek. Another key role in the success of Fairview Township was the creation of a ferry across the Susquehanna and the York-Harrisburg Road.

Originally, the area of Fairview Township was an agricultural area, with only a small amount of industry and trade. Population grew very slowly after the initial settlement, but continues to grow rapidly in the present day as new homes are on the market daily. The agriculture market continues to be a vital role in the area, and nearby industrial facilities continue to open job opportunities in the area of the Township.

As the area of York County, PA continues to grow in population and job opportunities, the homes, communities and developments in this area continue to grow; making it a great place to consider in your search for relocation to York County, Pennsylvania.

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