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Heidelberg Township is located in York County, Pennsylvania. As of a 2000 census, the area of Heidelberg Township was home to an estimated 3,000 residents and was made up of a total of 15.0 square miles. The area was originally settled in 1738 and was officially incorporated in the year of 1750.

Located in the Southeast Corner in the Susquehanna Valley, the township consists of three towns, Schaefferstown, Kleinfeltersville, Reitssville, and a handful of small villages. Neighboring Lancaster County, the township of Heidelberg is said to have the most fertile farmland in Pennsylvania by many.

Part of Heidelberg Township and a corner or Lancaster County were set aside by the Pennsylvania Game Commission, the area known as Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area, consisting of over 5,000 acres that provide home and protection for waterfowl, farmland and forest wildlife It also includes a 400-acre shallow lake.
Shaefferstown is one of the areas located in the Township of Heidelberg. The area was said to have been settled by German and Swiss immigrants as early as 1720, before that the area was home to Native Americans. Many immigrants .relocated to this area due to the fertile farm-land and heavily-wooded area.

In 1732, the Penns acquired the title to the land from the Native Americans. At this time, many of the previous settlers secured warrants for the lands they occupied by consent of the Native Americans. By 1758 a man named Alexander Schaeffer owned over 700 acres. This land soon was laid out and areas were sold, creating the town that stands today. The area was originally known as Heidelberg but became more commonly known as Schaefferstown.
Kleinfeltersville is also located in the Township of Heidelberg. It was named after its largest landowner, Rev. John Kleinfelter in 1848. The town developed when he divided his 49 acres into lots that were sold to his daughters and only son, just before he died.

In Heidelberg, the Achey family name will always be remembered throughout the town of Reistville; formerly known as Achey's Corner. Reistville was originally a large acreage owned by the Achey families.
Reistville is considered by many as the hub of commerce for Heidelberg and continues to play an important part in the township today. As the area of York County, continues to grow in population and job opportunities, the homes, communities and developments in this area continue to grow; making it a great place to consider in your search for relocation.

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