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Hellam Township is located in York County, Pennsylvania. As of a 2000 census, the area served as a home for an estimated 6,000 residents. The area was founded around 1736 due to the needs of the increasing population west of the Susquehanna River. The Township was primarily founded because of the difficulty of traveling to the Lancaster Court for settlement of grievances among settlers. Soon petitions for the formation of a new county were put into effect and the area was started. A new court was definitely needed.

The growth of the town primarily came at the end of the French and Indian War because of Indian attacks on settlers in the areas west and North of York County drove the settler into town. After the war, immigration from Germany to Pennsylvania resumed and Hellam Township continued to grow.
Some of the biggest selling points to settlers were the Kruetz Valley fertile soil, iron ore and the iron furnace, and the location so close to the Susquehanna River.

The area of Hellam township is also known today not only for the small, quiet, and peaceful atmosphere, but also for the local legend of the "Seven Gates of Hell." Said to be located off Trout Run Road, the area was home to an insane asylum that caught fire and most of its inhabitants died. Locals drive through the area today in search for the gates surrounding the area ,because it is said that if you pass through all of the gates, you will land in hell.
As the area of York County, PA continues to grow in population and job opportunities, the homes, communities and developments in this area continue to grow; making it a great place to consider in your search for relocation to York County, Pennsylvania.

The town of Hellam Township, Pennsylvania is a wonderful place to call home. Find Hellam Township, Pennsylvania realtors® and Hellam Township, Pennsylvania homes for sale using the Hellam Township MLS search tools you'll find here.