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In the beginning, Newberry Township was inhabited by the Susquehannock Indians. Before 1736, all settlement was kept east of the Susquehanna River, but the Indian Treaty of 1736 extended Lancaster County's boundary westward indefinitely. As soon as this had occurred, families immediately set out across the Susquehanna River to find new land by utilizing the Middletown Ferry which took them to the west bank of the river. Not far from this area is the land which is now Newberry Township, settled throughout Fishing Creek and Bennett's Run Valleys. It was not until 1742 that Newberry Township was officially organized and at that point it included what is not Fairview Township.

By the late 1700's, several towns had sprung up throughout Newberry Township including present day Newberrytown and Lewisberry. In years to come the village of Yocumtown had developed along with Goldsboro and York Haven. These areas continued to grow due to their prime location along the Susquehanna River for not only a strong trade passage from the canal route, but fertile lands for farming as well.

The area of Yocumtown attracted many settlers due to the water power Fishing Creek had to offer. Along the banks of this area, fulling mills were built that carded wool for area farmers, woolen cloth mills, and grist mills.

Today the Township of Newberry continues to grow as it is an easy commute to both Lancaster Pennsylvania, and the City of York. New homes and developments continue to be built, jobs continue to prosper, and the real estate markets continues to strive.

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