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Peach Bottom Township is located in York County, Pennsylvania. As of a 2000 census, the estimated population for this area was 4,400 residents. Originally the area now known as Peach Bottom
Township was populated by Native Americans. It was not until a land warrant issue to Elisha Perkins in 1719 to mark the start of the area. During this time, this area was part of Maryland. The beginnings of the town were very slow developing. The first roads were followed by old Indian paths and the river was the main travel route until canals and railroads had appeared.

Peach Bottom Township is also home to the borough of Delta. Delta is located in York County, Pennsylvania. As of a 2000 census, Delta served as a home for an estimated 800 residents. The borough of Delta was settled in 1744 and was incorporated in 1853. The area is made up of 0.3 square miles, all of which is land. Currently, new developments are being built in the borough of Delta that is expected to greatly increase the population. Today the area known as Peach Bottom Township is still a very small area though it continues to
grow as new homes and developments continue to be built.

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