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Penn Township is located in York County, Pennsylvania. Though growing, Penn Township is a rural community that has evolved into both a residential community and industrial community. The area continues to grow and prosper as new jobs and new homes continue to be seen on the market within Penn Township.

Penn Township was originally included in what was once known as "Digges Choice." In 1727, approximately 7,000 acres of land was given in a grant to John Digges by Lord Baltimore which was
the cause of a dispute of wheter the land was in Maryland or Pennsylvania. This dispute was soon settled by the King of England and the ending result was the creation of the Mason-Dixon Line in

Penn Township was also originally part of Heidelberg and Manheim Townships. In 1880, Penn Township was designated as a seperate municipality by the York County Court and was soon settled by the
first settlers who were Scotch and German descent. These settlers took advantage of the rich farmland soil the area had to offer and became farmers.

On a more colonial historic side, the Hanover Area and the area now known as Penn Township was the site of a Civil War battle prior to the Battle of Gettysburg in July of 1863. The clash between the
opposing cavalries was known as the Battle of Hanover and occurred on June 30, 1863. This battle played an important role in the Civil War as it delayed General Jeb Stuart from reinforcing the
Confederates at the Battle of Gettysburg. This battle began near Pennville and the area of the heaviest fighting occurred along the area which is the the Littlestown Turnpike also known as route
194. Although losses were not great on either side, the Battle took its toll on the stamina of the Confederate troops who had been marching for days with little food or sleep. In the end, neither
side had claimed victory.

The area now known as Penn Township primarily developed during the post-Civil War era as it was incorporated in 1880. Though the area is very rural, it is commonly seen as a suburb to the Borough
of Hanover, PA.

Since the 1880's, Penn Township has evolved into a suburban community with a mix of residential, commercial, and industrial areas. It is home to many business and industries, including Hanover
Foods Corporation which is one of the largest food processing companies in the United States. The area continues to grow into a beautiful first-class neighborhood and is a great place to consider in
your search for York, Pennsylvania relocation!

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