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Springfield Township is located in York County, Pennsylvania. As of a 2000 census, the area of Springfield Township served as a home for an estimated 4,000 residents. The area of Springfield Township is located in southern York County and is home to the boroughs of Jacobus, Seven Valleys, and Loganville.

The area of Springfield Township is a growing area as many residents from the Maryland consider this township for relocation for the lower housing taxes, the areas large school district, and for farming.

Though there are not many large companies in this area, (the township is home to about a handful), there are many small shops and stores located all through the area. New developments and
homes continue to be seen in the Springfield Township area as it is a great area to consider in your search for relocation in Pennsylvania.

The town of Springfield Township, Pennsylvania is a wonderful place to call home. Find Springfield Township, Pennsylvania realtors® and Springfield Township, Pennsylvania homes for sale using the Springfield Township MLS search tools you'll find here.