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Windsor Township is located in York County, Pennsylvania. As of a 2000 census, the population in Windsor Township was an estimated 13,000 residents. Originally Windsor Township formed a part of Hellam, Pennsylvania. This area was laid out by authority of the Provincial Court at Lancaster in 1739. The area that is now Windsor Township remained a part of Hellam Township until 1753 when a petition was presented to the court at York asking that the township be divided. At this time, this new township, York Township, included the current townships of Windsor, Lower Windsor, York, and a portion of Spring Garden. As years went on, Windsor Township was soon formed out of York Township.

The name Windsor honors Thomas Armor who was born in Windsor, England and was a large land owner in the area at the time the township was created. Out of Windsor Township, the small communities and villages to come consisted of Windsorville, Frysville, Springvale, and Holtz.

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