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York Township is located in York County, Pennsylvania. As of a 2000 census, the total population for the area was an estimated 23,600 residents.

York Township began in 1736 with the signing of a treaty between the Indians and the Penn Properties which included the settlers across the Susquehanna River. All of the new settlers were from all over the world yet all had a background in farming. The trade that the settlers brought to York Township still remains within the area to this day though it has grown into a suburban area as it becomes the most populated suburb of York. Today the township is broken into the boroughs of Dallastown, Red Lion, and Yoe, Pennsylvania; covering over 25 acres of land.

Dallastown is a borough located in York Township, Pennsylvania. As of a 2000 census, Dallastown served as a home for an estimated 4,000 residents. The borough of Dallastown was settled in 1844 and was incorporated in 1866. The borough of Dallastown receives its name fromGeorge M. Dallas of Philadelphia, Vice President in the Polk Administration.

Today, the borough of Dallastown is home to one of Central Pennsylvania's largest school districts and brings in new residents from northern Pennsylvania and Maryland each year as new homes and developments are always appearing throughout the area.

The borough of Red Lion, also located in York Township, PA, serves as a home for an estimated 6,000 residents (as of a 2000 census). Red Lion was settled in 1852 and named after one of the first pubs in town, the Red Lion Tavern.

Years ago, many remembered the area of Red Lion for the many famous brands of cigars made in the town as the area was once the cigar making capital of the world. To this day, in the annual New Year Celebration, the town raises a giant cigar instead of dropping a ball.

The area was also known nationwide for its furniture industry as Red Lion was home to several large factories producing hand crafted furniture for over 100 years.

Today the area of Red Lion is unfortunately known nationwide for a school shooting on April 24, 2003, at the Red Lion Junior High School as James Sheets, a student, killed the principal of the school, Eugene Segro, before killing himself.

The third borough in York Township, Pennsylvania, is the smaller area of Yoe. As of 2000, the area of Yoe served as a home for an estimated 1,000 residents. The borough of Yoe was formed in 1893 from portions of southeastern York Township.

Today the area is home to a few small shops and a nice residential living area located just outside of downtown York, Pennsylvania.

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